Ace Interiors & Architects, a sub unit of the Ace Group of companies, is an Udupi, Mangalore, Bangalore and Karkala based interior design and décor company which has been turning diverse customers’ dreams into reality through inspired, innovative and integrity-driven approaches. Our design philosophy combines style with functionality to create environments that breathe life. For years now, our reputation has been one of outstanding service underpinned by an expert, energetic team that works tirelessly to deliver. We partner with professional Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, Project Managers, and others to design and construct premium interiors for a wide variety of spaces. Our ultimate vision is to ensure that our client’s vision is fulfilled.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Rohan Aroza : Group CEO & Managing Partner

A self-starter over 15 years + of experience, Rohan is Enterprising and audacious, he puts his remarkable intuition of marketing into everything. He uses his passion for communicating the importance of creativity to the members of his multidisciplinary team in order to boldly meet challenges.

Ashwin Dev: Managing Director

Qualification: B.id, Bangalore. A self-starter with over 15 years of experience, Ashwin knows the inside out of this business and has some serious skills which helps bolster our team.

Prerna Radhakrishna: Senior Designer & Design Head

Qualification: B.Des. ID, MSAP Manipal. Highly creative and consistent, Prerna has the ability to envision every need and lend the artistic aspect which makes her a value-add team player.

Sanketh R: Jr Interior Designer

Qualification: Bsc -ID, Srinivas College of Interior Design Mangalore. Designing and execution are his forte. His design acumen and logistics expertise helps the team work towards meeting deadlines with finesse.

Arifa Meer: Senior Architect

Qualification: B.Arc, MIT Manipal .She has 9 yrs of work experience in Diligent and detail oriented designs, Arifa is always raring to go with every project which gives us a fresh perspective almost always.

Sonali Surana - 3D visualiser & Interior Designer

Qualification : Bsc - Interior Designer, Indian design school , Mangalore .Sound knowledge of multiple software, keen understanding of space demands and a passion for art makes her ability to create and innovate versatile designs in par with the needs of the clients. Her curiosity and willingness to learn makes her an asset to the firm.

Sushma MC: Jr Interior Designer

Qualification: B. Des-ID, KLE Hubli. Full of zeal and enthusiasm, she pitches in innovative ideas and provides overall support to the core team for ease in designing and planning of projects. With Sushma on board, Ace Interior & Architects aims to reach higher goals and success.

Daphne Pinto: Interior Designer

Qualification: B. Des-ID, MSAP Manipal. A designer par excellence, she is passionate towards the job and is a detail oriented designer. Her ability to lend every project a personal touch, makes her a valuable asset to the team.

Supriya Kamath: Interior Designer

Qualification: B. Des-ID, MSAP Manipal. As a designer, she is a team player with valuable insights and ideas leading to better projects for the company.

John Rayan Vaz: Civil Engineer

Qualification: B.E civil engineer from MIT manipal with 10 years of work experience. Does his job with a drive and passion, perfecting his skills each time. Executes every project with precision. He is an asset to the company.

Janhvi Kini: Senior Architect

Qualification: B. Arc, Bvb college of engg and technology, Hubli. She is Creative and innovative with 8yrs of experience. Janhvi is focused on Design Excellence, working across the firm to ensure that Ace Interior & Architects Continue to push the boundaries of impact, innovation, and experience.

Bhoomika G - Jr. Interior Designer & 3D Visualiser

Qualification: B. Des-ID, Shree Devi College of Interior Design Mangalore. Her work ethic goes beyond interior design to a unique vertical that defines her and separates her from the rest – her passionate involvement from concept through to delivery.

Ansah Mathew: Interior Designer

Qualification: B. Des-ID, MSAP Manipal. A perfectionist and a goal getter. She invests her knowledge and expertise towards envisioning the client's dream and designing and executing it to perfection. Her Unrivalled Design Experience has made her one of the Best Interior Designers in Mangalore

Anirudh Prabhu: Interior Designer + Design execution

Qualification: B. Des-ID, MSAP Manipal. With a keen eye for detail, he ensures the smooth operations with on time material procurement and execution.

Cameron Soans:Interior Designer + Design execution InCharge

Qualification: B.-ID, Bangalore. A very focused and goal oriented designer. He commits himself to execute every project to perfection .

Jithin Khunder: Interior Designer & 3D visualiser

Qualification: B. Des - ID, MSAP Manipal. His constant curiosity and cool head ensure that our projects' scheduling. Also, he will guide you through the process with his extensive knowledge of interior design & 3D Rendering. His Jovial and Dedicated Nature ensures that each Client at Ace Interiors & Architects Gets only the Very Best Home Interiors in Udupi

Rifah Basheer - 3D visualiser & Interior Designer

Qualification : Bsc - Interior Designer, Indian design school , Mangalore . Rifah is an avid listener . Her excellent designs and renders brings every project to life even before execution.