Modular kitchen is good alternative of constructing new kitchen from scratch. As name specify modular kitchen is construction of modules(or small units of kitchen) instead of creating whole new kitchen. Hence modular kitchen price in mangalore is lower than constructing whole new regular kitchen. The price of modular kitchen depends on type of material used.

Modular kitchen can be customised depending upon your requirements. You can select cabinet sizes, free area , width, height etc depending upon the availability of space in your kitchen and your requirement as well. Modules can be designed keeping your kitchen size in mind and how much material you need to accommodate in your kitchen. Modular kitchen can be designed in various shapes and sizes eg. U Shape, Rectangular, Flat etc.

Large Kitchen usually need more modules hence often cost more the smaller kitchen. A well designed kitchen usually accommodate all the kitchen appliances, food, Gas Cylinder, LPG Gas Stove etc in a way that it does have enough space and ventilation. Modular Kitchen helps you to effective utilisation of space. It also makes your kitchen neat and beautiful.

Modular Kitchen is portable and its cabinets can be dissembled and moved to another place if required. Also if you need to add more cabinets etc in future you can add more cabinets without replacing all modular kitchen parts.

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